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What is HHH Video?

At HHH Video, our goal is to bring value to you, your business and your family.  To that end, HHH Video focuses our video business in three areas:
It's About You, Your Business and Your Family

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HHH Video Makes It Easy For You
HHH Video knows that not everyone feels confortable in front of a camera, so we make it easy for you.  First, we can film in your home, creating a comfortable set in your familiar environment.  Second, we can stop and take breaks, film multiple takes and edit out bloopers.  Finally, in addition to optionally filming with multiple cameras, we offer a telepromptor for prepared lines so you dont have to memorize everything.
Personal Legacy Videos
In a Personal legacy Video, sons and daughters interview parents or grandparents, preserving family stories and histories for future generations.
Business Videos
HHH Video works with business owners to help build awareness, show off what makes them special and attract the best customers through carefully designed custom marketing videos.
Event Videos
From school plays and recitals to more personal gatherings such as house concerts or funerals, HHH Video helps preserve special memories - as unobtrusively as possible.